Tuesday, March 4, 2008

random things I love right now

The satirical blog Stuff White People Like, which I have discovered today and am LoL as I scroll through it's dead-on descriptions of objects, attitudes, and locations beloved by "white people." The only quibble I have is that perhaps the blog should be called "Stuff Privileged/Upper Middle Class/Rich White People Like." But for any New Yorker in their 30s-40s (am not sure if that is where the blogger is from, but based on the content, I assume so) it is so familiar and thus hilarious! The only thing is, if you start to read the comments, you might get a little freaked out because you will find that a *lot* of people have NO sense of humor, take the blog literally and generally fulfill the stereotype of the dour, politically-correct US-white person!


While we're on the subject of "white people" and not to be hating on the white folks (though we know I do a fair amount of kvetching here) but I am half "white" after all (unless of course you believe that Africa begins at the Pyrenees as I believe Napoleon said) so here is the link to the White Folks Guide to the NYC Transit subway map. A hilarious parody that omits the stations for areas that are not (yet) gentrified. It amuses me to see it's outdated, because my stops are left out.

Nonetheless, here is a big shout out to whoever designed this site!


If you LoL when I riff on ridiculous but true news items, you will want to check out the fabulous FARK which offers outrageous news content of all types, it's like reading an exquisite corpse, things linked to each other with no rhyme nor reason, completely surreal and disconnected.


Finally, a big shout out to the blogger in Jacksonville, FL who like me is a Walter Mercado fan!


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