Monday, March 24, 2008

Hillary Clinton: Delusions of Grandeur?

Pat Oliphant cartoon published in NYTimes Week in Review section 3/23/08

This cartoon is hilarious as it makes reference to the recently-released records of Clinton's activities as First Lady. These make it plain that her grandiose claims positing her role as something akin to, or indeed above, a Vice President, going so far as to take credit for major diplomatic or domestic projects, have been demonstrated as false. Also, commentators have pointed out that she did not have a Security Clearance, which means that some of the claims she is making about her involvement are of course, impossible. 

Here are links to the NYTimes articles:
Article detailing the inconsistencies in her comments --
Caucus blog comments about the Clinton campaign's attempts at damage-control, and Clinton's statements saying she "misspoke," in this case, about her role in Bosnia. I think lied is the actual term. As a lawyer she might be expected to know this.


madrina said...

¿pero por qué estás en contra de la ficción? ¿sólo lees biografías? :)

Petite Maoiste said...

me encantan ambas, pero sobre todo biografias de mujeres valientes y celebres como Nancy Cunard, Emma Goldman, la Baronesa Elsa.... pero la Hillary me cae fatal fatal, no veo porque he de apoyarla por el mero hecho de ser mujer, no me gusta Condi Rice ni Thatcher, por citar dos ejemplos obvios! :)