Saturday, December 1, 2007

Extraterrestial Summit in Lajas, PR

(if you click on the photo above you should be able to see read the article, which is priceless)

I have always wondered about the obsession with extraterrestials that seems to prevail among sectors of my fellow Puerto Rican population. Whenever I visit, I am mesmerized by the wide variety of OVNI or UFO-related periodicals avaiable at the check-out line at the local PUEBLO supermarket or Farmacia Moscoso racks. From my childhood I recall being terrified by stories of the hybrid monster the garadiabolo and more recently we heard about the chupacabras. There are also the stories of UFO landings all over the Island that are somehow linked to it being in the Bermuda Triangle. And now I have belatedly learned that since 2005 a gentleman in Lajas has taken it to the next level, making plans for an OVNIPUERTO and today he is hosting a summit for those who have like him had contact with those from outer space.

I accidentally came across this hysterical bit of real news when I was on the El Nuevo Dia website reading local news from the Island, which of course then led me to You Tube. There, I found a terrifying but apparently not fake piece of footage from a show called "A Calson Quitao" where three men are discussing - with a total lack of irony I might add- the logistics for establishing said OVNIPUERTO on the Island:

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