Monday, December 10, 2007

Chavez makes Venezuela go even further backwards....

The megalomanical and deluded dictator Hugo Chavez is at it again, derailed by the crushing defeat of his attempt to turn Venezuela into a "Socialist" dictatorship, now he is literally micro-managing people's lives by turning the clock back on his countrymen, thus interfering with every aspect of their lives. Of course he has already implemented many policies that have done far more damage, and the food shortages are just one example of this. People have to be subjected to his bizarre rambling cadenas that go on for hours and pre-empt regularly-scheduled programming on TV and radio, sometimes he even sings, other times he makes threats of violence. Now he is convinced that changing the clocks back one half hour will make a revolutionary change in the "working people's" lives but in fact it is creating a huge hassle. (see below) This half-hour change means that he isn't on the same time zone as the USA.

But if you think this initiative is deluded and narcissistic, check this out - be warned some of the people in the video, if you understand Spanish, are actually saying that children love Chavez and are attracted by the doll!!! This reminds me of the ubiquitous Mao figurines - my personal faves are the glow in the dark plastic ones, the great leader was always watching!

Venezuelans Reset Clocks With Chavez's New Time Zone (Update1)
By Matthew Walter

Dec. 10 (Bloomberg) -- Venezuelans began their work week at a new hour after President Hugo Chavez ordered clocks set back, creating a time zone unique to the South American country.

Chavez says setting clocks back half an hour will allow school children to wake up with the sun and ease poor Venezuelans' pre-dawn commute. Since the decree's publication on Nov. 27, businesses have struggled to update time-sensitive computer systems.

Chavez, who says time zones were created by ``imperialists,'' has also changed the country's name to the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, and redesigned its coat of arms and national flag in his bid to create a ``21st century socialist'' society. Some Venezuelans say the time change is part of Chavez's drive to put his mark on every aspect of the country's national identity.

``It's a political whim,'' said Yanitza Lopez, 27, an accountant for a cosmetics company in Caracas. ``It's not going to make any difference for any kids.''

Airlines and travel agencies were still calling and e- mailed passengers last week to notify them about flight changes, and the Caracas stock exchange had to update its software to ensure trades ran smoothly today.

``The time change is going to affect many flights, and lots of airlines still haven't changed their timetables,'' said Roberto Pulido, country manager for Copa Airlines and president of Venezuela's airline association. ``This is an additional cost, because we've had to update all of our reservation systems.''


Venezuela joins a handful of countries, including India, Iran, Afghanistan and Sri Lanka that don't set their time in increments of one hour from Greenwich Mean Time.

``This affects even the biological functioning of the body,'' the president said yesterday, according to the state news wire. ``It's scientifically proven.

Local media spent the past week focusing on the aftermath of a Dec. 2 national referendum, in which voters rejected the president's plan to overhaul the constitution to allow him to run for re-election indefinitely, contributing to confusion about yesterday's change.

Chavez has changed the start date for the new time zone at least once, and in a national address he mistakenly said the plan was to turn clocks forward by half an hour.

``I don't really understand the point, but nothing with this president surprises me,'' said Rafael Sucre, 39, a doctor, as he exited a subway station last week in the Chacao commercial district of the nation's capital, Caracas.

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