Tuesday, December 25, 2007

2007 Baby's First X-mas

I am currently in the small town where I grew up, which is in sunny SW Florida. Here, bumperstickers prominently placed on cars admonish me to "KEEP CHRIST IN CHRISTMAS," roadside advertisements exclaim "Happy Birthday, Jesus!" and a visit to TARGET or the Olive Garden turns into a political battle for the soul of America as my pleasantly non-committal "Happy Holidays" is met with an emphatic "MERRY CHRISTMAS!"

Besides the quaint reactionary politics laced (like poison) with fanatical holiday flavor, I enjoy the local news, such as the full-page photo spread "2007 Baby's First Christmas!" (presumably all of the babies are Christian? WTF?!?!?) And though usually I find some of my favorite unique names in Puerto Rico, Venezuela, among telenovela characters or actors, etc. I was pleasantly surprised to find the following:

Dalton Lee
Camp Ross (as my sister cleverly noted, this is a name that only a drag queen should have)
Kaleem Ta'Ree
DaQuan LaShawn



JRM said...

Thinking of changing my name from Joe to DaQuan LaShawn. Much better. Much.

MissThang said...

for obvious reasons, I will take Camp Ross.