Friday, November 9, 2007

Overheard on the B train

Yesterday I was actually on the train and not listening to Hector Lavoe, The Cure or Estrella Morente on my iPod. Which allowed me to listen in on one of those fantastic conversations that make riding the NYC Subway a wonderful experience. Girl A: "Do you watch that reality show on E! with that girl...." Girl B: "Kim Kardashian?" Girl A: "Yes, I don't know WHY they make such a big deal about her big booty... if she was Dominican, black or Puerto Rican"

This reminds me of that silly column in the NYTimes METROPOLITAN DIARY, which is always about some rich people writing in with stories like "My son Madison and I were riding up to the Upper West Side after his violin lessons and he took out his Stradivarious...." And it always strikes me that the conversation above is more like what I overhear. My all time favorite was on the B38 bus one evening Girl A: "You know [name] she got a grill, and I told her, girl you've been living in Brooklyn too long!"

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Anonymous said...

Dear Maoiste,
What is the connection between A and B? I am not talking about the Train but about your obssession with the rich and famous. To achieve your political beittersweetness you just have to throw the brick and relax.